BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis For MEN & WOMEN

You don’t need to suffer from Hyperhidrosis to benefit from this treatment! Famous talk show stars like Kelly Rippa get injections into their underarm area to avoid sweating. It’s also been a red carpet trick for celebrities not to sweat out their couture! If you live in or frequently visit Miami, you know the heat here is year-round and can be unbearable at times. During the summer months, you can’t walk back to your car from having lunch without breaking a sweat. There is nothing more embarrassing than sweat stains under your arms… a.k.a. “Pit stains.” (For both men and women) What if we told you we could use Botox under your arms to stop you from sweating? Well, we can prevent your underarms from sweating with a TEN MINUTE procedure called Botox for Hyperhidrosis!

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Plain and simple, Hyperhidrosis is the clinical term for excessive sweating disorder.

DID YOU KNOW: An estimated 2-3% of Americans suffer from excessive sweating of the underarms, palms and soles? It’s a common disorder which produces a lot of unhappiness. Let us HELP!

How long does the Botox for Hyperhidrosis treatment last?

Duration results may vary based on your body’s ability to break down Botox. Generally, you will enjoy dry underarms for around 3 to 6 months after receiving Botox injections.

What are Botox for Hyperhidrosis Benefits?

BONUS: Botox injections can reduce body odor by shutting down sweat glands under the arms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from Botox for Hyperhidrosis results?

How much does Botox for Hyperhidrosis cost in Miami?

Is the Botox for Hyperhidrosis right for me?

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About Dr. Michelle Barnes at Dermacare Brickell

Dr. Michelle Barnes is one of the best cosmetic physicians in town.  She will guide you to get your best and most natural Botox treatment in Miami according to your needs and desires. She obtained her degree from the University of Miami Medical School. Later on, she completed her residency and training program at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  She is also board certified in Internal Medicine.