What is DermaPlaning?

Why is DermaPlaning a beauty treatment trend? All major celebrities LOVE this treatment! It removes all peach fuzz and when celebrities get their close up; their skin looks smooth and glowing! This treatment is a physical exfoliation that triggers cell regeneration and removes the layers of dead skin cells from your face to reveal a healthier skin beneath.

What are DermaPlaning Benefits?

Physical exfoliation allows products to better penetrate skin. Dermaplaning is also excellent to rid the face of fine hairs which can often accumulate dirt and oil. If you have rough or dry skin, Dermaplaning is highly effective and helps to minimize superficial acne scarring or uneven skin tone. It is also beneficial for mature skin, which tends to have a buildup of dead cells as cell turnover slows down with age. This procedure doesn’t hurt and will not cause a break out. Another fantastic feature of Dermaplaning is hairless skin helps everything you put on your face go on smoother —from anti-wrinkle or acne creams to moisturizer and makeup.

Did You Know: Contrary to popular belief, facial peach fuzz, as opposed to other hair located on the body, will not grow back thicker or darker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does DermaPlaning last?

What can I expect from DermaPlaning results?

How much does DermaPlaning cost?

Do you recommend a checmical peel after DermaPlaning?

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About Dr. Michelle Barnes at Dermacare Brickell

Dr. Michelle Barnes is one of the best cosmetic physicians in town.  She obtained her degree from the University of Miami Medical School. Later on, she completed her residency and training program at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  She is also board certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.