PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting

PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting can help take your body to the next level. PHYSIQ is the latest advancement in body treatments, designed and built in Florence, Italy by DEKA, a global leader in aesthetic technology.  

This incredible new technology is used for the treatment of fat reduction and muscle sculpting.

How does PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting work?

The PHYSIQ offers Super-Luminscent Diode Matrix (SDM) technology with the optimal wavelength for absorption. This allows for multiple areas to be treated simultaneously for faster treatments.  PHYSIQ can target stubborn areas without surgery and no downtime!

How is PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting performed?

We will assess and prepare the area to be treated, apply the applicators to the skin with a gel pad and comfortable elastic band to hold them in place. Then, adjust the settings on the device to begin treatment. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the area(s) treated.

What areas can be treated with PHYSIQ?

PHYSIQ can be used to treat the abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, hips, back, and flanks!

What is the recovery period?

PHYSIQ is a NO DOWNTIME procedure! This means you can immediately go about your day’s activities following treatment! Please note, staying hydrated and avoiding extreme temperatures is recommended for 2-3 days post treatment.

When will results be noticed?

Although results may be noticed after only the first treatment, the PHYSIQ protocol is administered in a series of five treatments.  The PHYSIQ protocol is five sessions per area. We recommend one treatment per week.

Is PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting safe for all skin types?

Plain and simple, 100% YES!

Who is the ideal candidate?

PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting is ideal for ALL patients with a normal and healthy body fat percentage!  We can target those stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise.

PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting FAQs

Is this treatment right for me?

When will I see results?

How long will results last?

How much does PHYSIQ Muscle Sculpting cost in Miami?​

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