PRF/PRP for Hair Loss

Do you look in the mirror and wish you had the same head of hair you did in your early twenties? Do you look older than you actually are due to male-pattern baldness? Has your hair thinned out due to stress, meds or dieting? DON’T LOOK OLDER THAN YOU ACTUALLY ARE! We have the perfect solution for you, PRF system for hair loss! Dermacare Brickell, Miami’s top rejuvenation and anti-aging center, offers a top notch PRP system with more growth factors and platelets than traditional PRP.

What is PRP for Hair Loss?

Although DermaCare Brickell offers PRP for hair loss, we also offer PRF (platelet-rich-fibrin) the second generation and latest advancement in hair growth treatments for hair loss. PRP, platelet rich plasma, is effective in treating male-pattern baldness, where the hairline has receded or thinning occurs on the crown. Hair thinning in women also responds well to this treatment. The platelet rich serum is massaged and injected into the scalp where the hair growth is desired.

Does PRP or Hair Loss work?

Yes! PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. Did you know: This treatment is also known as PRP hair regrowth treatment, angel PRP hair regrowth and vampire hair treatments! We also recommend using Nutrafol hair supplements as well as Micro Needling to provide optimal results. 

How long do PRP Treatments for Hair Loss Take?

Treatments are scheduled once a month and most patients will require a minimum of 3. The average PRP for hair loss treatments take roughly 2 hours. Completely worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any PRP for hair loss side effects?

How long does PRP for hair loss last?

What can I expect from PRP for hair loss results?

How much does PRP for hair loss cost?

Is PRP for hair loss right for me?

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About Dr. Michelle Barnes at Dermacare Brickell

Dr. Michelle Barnes is one of the best cosmetic physicians in town.  She will guide you to get your best and most natural Botox treatment in Miami according to your needs and desires. She obtained her degree from the University of Miami Medical School. Later on, she completed her residency and training program at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  She is also board certified in Internal Medicine.

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