VI Peel Body

No wonder their tag line is “Confidence that is more than skin deep!”

First-of-its-kind, non-invasive, and virtually painless. VI Peel Body treatments stimulate anti-aging collagen to increase cellular turnover. Help target troubled areas and reveal smoother, more radiant skin in just one treatment. This treatment is safe for all skin types, tones, and textures – it’s a peel for every body.

What is VI Peel Body?

VI Peel Body is a chemical peel specially designed for addressing skin concerns on the body. It is developed by the makers of VI Peel to improve the skin on your body. VI Peel Body is safe for all skin types, tones, and textures, and can penetrate deeper into the skin to produce optimal results.

What is the difference between a face peel and a body peel?

DID YOU KNOW? The skin on the body is 2-3 times thicker than the skin on the face. Body peels are very similar to facial peels, but are stronger and can penetrate deeper. This is because the skin on the body isn’t as delicate as the skin on your face. That only means that it can take on higher strength formulas with higher percentages of active ingredients. 

How does VI Peel Body work?

VI Peel Body (just like VI Peel for face) is also non-invasive and virtually painless. It increases cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production. It also has a synergistic blend of ingredients that helps with the following:

  • Removes or exfoliates dead surface cells right away
  • Penetrates deeper to target acne, wrinkles, and uneven texture
  • Hydrates and lightens pigmentation as it firms
  • Reduces sebum production and suppresses pigment

What are the benefits of VI Peel Body?

VI Peel Body helps improve or address troubled areas of the skin to reveal a smoother and more glowing complexion in just one single treatment. Benefits of this chemical peel are the following:

  • Helps remove fine lines and pigmentation
  • Targets body acne and help prevent repeat flare-ups
  • Smooths scars from injuries or surgeries
  • Soften stretch marks
  • Helps tighten sagging
  • Safe for all skin types

What can be added to the VI Peel Body treatment?


We already know the amazing benefits of VI Peel. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a VI Peel / TOX COMBO treatment.
Following the VI Peel with a Neurotoxin such as Botox or Dysport injection in one, simple procedure not only helps soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles but creates a smooth, even skin texture in ONLY 2 WEEKS!

The main benefit of ToxBooster is convenience. By combining Botox or Dysport injections and a VI Peel resurfacing treatment, you are multiplying your enhancements exponentially. The rewards of a neuromodulator are invigorated by the VI Peel, extending your benefits well beyond their normal duration.

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